Click to enlargeB&B Doctor In A Box Dual Action Tingling Shampoo 8oz

Are you tired of flaky and itchy scalp? Doctor in a Box» Dual Action Tingling Shampoo & Scalp Stimulator is the solution. Its therapeutic system eliminates the recurrence of itching and irritation thatÍs associated with dandruff. ItÍs the perfect remedy for hair and scalp!

Invigorator» Complex Stimulates Scalp & Promotes Growth

Soothes Dry Itchy Scalp

Reduces flaky dandruff buildup

Detangles hair

Reaches deep into hair follicle to deep clean and stimulate

Rebuilds and nourishes

Powerful ĖtinglingĒ action gives you a scalp massage in a bottle

Tingling massage increases blood flow to the scalp for more stimulation and growth

2 in 1 Dual Action

iDirections: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply Dual Action Tingling Shampoo & Scalp Stimulator. Gently massage in and let the tingling shampoo sit for 3 to 7 minutes while it stimulates your hair & scalp and rinse well. Follow up with Doctor in a Box» 10 in One Hair Treatment. For even greater benefits, use our entire line of Doctor in a Box» hair & scalp remedies.