Click to enlargeBump Patrol After Shave Razor Bump Treatment .5oz

Eliminates unsightly bumps and nourishes your skin. The soothing formula is made from natural ingredients. It goes on easy and works fast. You¨Ąll see visible results within 48 hours. Now you can shave with confidence.

Expert Advice Bump Patrol¢¨ After Shave Products How do I use Bump Patrol? Pour Bump Patrol¢¨ Razor Bump Intensive Treatment into the palm of your hand, and then from the same hand without rubbing palms together, smooth it over the shaved area. Cover every area where the razor touched your skin with Bump Patrol's soothing, natural ingredients. Where can Bump Patrol be used? Wherever shaving has occurred: head, face, or back of neck. Many women use it on their underarms, legs, and bikini lines. Note: Stubborn Ingrowns Remove stubborn, deep-seated, ingrown hairs with tweezers and apply Bump Patrol After Shave Intensive Lotion over tweezed areas. Use twice daily (evening, morning, and after each shave) the first week. After the first week, use after shaving. What is the best razor to use? Triple and quadruple blade razors are quite popular. However, double blade razors perform well, too. When is the best time to shave? Immediately after you shower because skin is saturated. Apply Bump Patrol shave gel to wet face to keep your skin moist and conditioned while shaving. For best results, we suggest shaving regularly every day or every other day. What if I am too sensitive for alcohol? Use Bump Patrol Razor Bump Intensive Treatment (Sensitive Formula), which is the same formula as Bump Patrol Razor Bump Intensive Treatment (Original Formula) minus the alcohol. What if I use depilatories? Bump Patrol Sensitive Formula is the perfect After Shave Treatment for those who use shaving powder or cream depilatory. Can I use Bump Patrol when I don't shave? Yes, you can use Bump Patrol Razor Bump Intensive Treatment on days that you don't shave. However, the best time to use it is immediately after shaving.