Click to enlargeBump Patrol Moisturizer 1.67oz

This is the answer to all day skin hydration and sun protection. It soothes and nourishes skin while protecting against razor bumps. Antiallergenic, antiseptic and calming therapy that eases razor burn, razor rash and shaving irritations.

Aloe vera: A soothing and natural preparation for skin with properties that help to repair and replenish Vitamin E: A nutrient-rich antioxidant that reduces inflammation, calms, soothes and hydrates skin, eliminates razor burn, reduces dark areas (hyper pigmentation) and produces smoother, younger looking skin Chamomile: A powerful, hydrating antioxidant with many benefits for your skin

Apply daily to face and neck. On shave days, use 2-3 minutes after applying Bump Patrol aftershave.