Creme of Nature Organic No-Lye Twin Kit

Creme Of Nature Professional Oil Fusion Moisturizing No-Lye Relaxer System Twin - Regular

Formulated with an Exclusive Sunflower and Coconut Oil Additive

Creme of Nature Professional Creme Relaxer System leaves hair soft, smooth and manageable.

Discover the harmony of nature and technology in a complete relaxer system. Gives beautiful results and effectively relaxes all curls. Special color indicator helps determine when relaxer is ready to use Benefits: - Leaves hair feeling soft, smooth and stylable

- Exclusive color indicator signals that product is ready to be applied

- Application is easy

- Light extra creamy formula offers controlled relaxing

- Rinses out quickly and completely

- Provides Maximum Comfort for Sensitive Scalps

- Enriched with Certified Organic Ingredients

- Provides Maximum Moisture and Adds Incredible Shine - Consistent results every time