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how to apply Lace Front Wig

Prepare your own hair as flat as possible by either braiding or wrapping your hair. Wear a wig cap in a matching color to your skin tone. Place a piece of double-sided tape onto your forehead. Overlap the tape on the wig cap and your forehead. Place the lace on the double-sided tape and cut any excess lace off. While holding the front down, pull the back of the wig to position it. You may apply make-up to hide any excess lace.

how to remove Lace Front Wig

Pull up your hair so that the adhesive remover will not wet your own hair. Apply the adhesive remover where there is adhesive. Remove the lace front wig gently and gradually. Please make sure not to overexert when pulling the lace. Shampoo the unit to wash out the residues left on the lace. Dry the wig naturally and style it into your desired style.

Lace Front Wig (LF 5234)