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Novex Embelleze Recovering Mix Hair Care Treatment Cream 14.1oz

Do you wish a restored hair? Novex Professional Food Therapy guarantees amazing results for the health and beauty of your hair. Novex Recovering Mix is an extra deep hair care cream, for enhanced treatment to restore shine and smoothness of extremely damaged hair. This product is enriched with silicon, keratin, ceramides, avocado and vitamins.

Do you know how Ceramides and Avocado can restore your hair? Ceramides and Avocado have excellent hair fiber restoring properties. Ceramides close hair cuticles eliminating the coarse aspect, making hair smooth and manageable. Avocado restores hair natural oiliness, by moisturizing deeply the desiccated fibers.

More shine and smoothness Enriched with Keratin and Silicon pH 3,5 High concentration High density Rich in vitamins