Click to enlargeExtreme Glow Strong Lightening Treatment Cream 1.7oz

Product Description

The Extreme Glow lightening Treatment Cream is formulated with Argan Oil, the best moisturizing and repairing component in the world. It also contains our patented ingredient : Vegeclairine, specially effective lightening and whitening active ingredient against all the hyper pigmentation problems of the skin such as: scars, pregnancy and acne marks, age spots, and sun patches. For a clear, clean and even toned skin. This is a skin whitening Treatment Cream.

This aggressive Lightening Cream is great for eczema, it lightens and moisturizes the skin.

Directions: Apply every morning and evening a small amount to concerned area and rub in gently. Recommended for: Preferred usage is on the face and neck. Skin Type: Great for eczema and very dry skin.