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Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Organic Tropical Fruit Anti-Frizz Serum 5oz

Instantly eliminates dry, frizzy, damaged hair. Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Organic Tropical Fruit Anti Frizz Serum 5.0 oz

Tropical fruit enzymes,together with vitamins A & E penetrate deep into the layers of the hair shaft to instantly eliminate and transform dry,frizzy,damaged.Unruly hair into free flowing,healthy,shiny hair. Our ultra, light formula is never only or stickly. Gives better style control and manageability. Humidity resistant and protests hair from heat appliance abuse.

- Instantly eliminates dry,frizzy,damaged hair.

- Alcohol Free.


On damp hair: Apply 4-6 drops to hair.

On Dry hair: Apply 3-5 drops to hair.


Avoid fire,flame and smoking until hair is dry.

For professional use, Not tested on animals