Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor 6.8oz

Beauty from the Elements is Chic on the Streetå

Deep repair for critically damaged hair Re-energizes tired, damaged hair Encourages thickness and volume Fills in porous hair with rich proteins 100% Vegetarian ingredients With Eco Chic Technologyé*

Nutritive protein fixes damage caused by chemical processing and excessive heat styling for vitality and shine.

The damage is done...or is it? If you over-process your hair, you need deep repair. This penetrating hair reconstructor goes right to the heart of the problem addressing the damage caused by chemicals and excessive heat styling, both of which can leave hair porous raspy, weak. Dull. Nutrafix fixes these problems by infusing protein. Put this fix in your styling mix so the damage will really be undone.

Please Recycle No Phthalates, Artificial Fragrances, Dyes, Sulfates, Parabens No Animal Testing

Made in USA

*The elements of earth, wind, fire and water represent a unique combination of certified organic botanicals and incredible style.