How To Apply Fusion Hair

How to Apply Fusion Hair Application

1. Preparation

Shampoo your client's hair with Clarifying Fusion Shampoo to remove any oil and debris from the hair and scalp. Seat the client under a dryer until hair is completely dry.

2. Sectioning

Make sure each hair section is approximately the SAME DIAMETER as the FUSION HAIR EXTENSION. We recommend that you place all fusion bonds approximately _" from the scalp. This spacing is necessary to protect the client's scalp and any new hair growth. It is best not to apply fusion bonds on the crown area (approximately 4" diameter) so the bonds will not be visually detectible.

3. Bonding

a. Hold a strand Fusion Extension Hair and a strand of your clients hair of approximately the same diameter. Lay the client's hair on top of Fusion Hair Extension about _" from the scalp. Place the bottom part of the heated Fusion Iron beneath the extension (only warming the protein adhesive bond). Note: African American Hair needs to be closer to the scalp, perhaps ". b. Grasp both strands lightly with the Fusion Iron for approximately 5 seconds until the bond softens. Next, roll the softened bond (attached to the client's hair) with your fingertip until the bond is seamless and smooth. The most important section in bonding is at the tip of the bond. Be sure that the tip is tightly bonded to the client's hair, otherwise, water and hair products can easily be forced into the bond, shortening its life.

4. Hair Care

a. Do not use plastic tipped brushes. They pull out the hair. b. Use Lord & Cliff Metal Looped Brush. c. Clients can blow dry, flat iron, and style with curling irons; but will need to AVOID HEAT on the BONDED AREAS. d. Washing i. Wash twice a week. ii. Wash hair in cool or warm water; avoid hot water.

e. Brushing i. We recommend brushing the hair with a Lord & Cliff Metal Looped Brush before and after washing. ii. Use Fusion Shampoo on bonded areas to clarify the bonds. Below bonded areas, you may use regular shampoo. iii. Use Fusion Conditioner on bonded areas to condition. Rinse thoroughly. Below bonded areas you may use regular conditioner. iv. Pat dry and brush with Lord & Cliff Metal Looped Brush to straighten the hair. v. After conditioning, apply cream rinse or wet-look spray as desired.

f. Drying i. We recommend drying hair naturally. ii. After hair is completely dry, style as desired.

g. Styling equipment i. Hair Dryer? Cool or warm air only. Avoid using hot air or blow-drying with high air setting on curly textures such as Body Pony Wave, Loose Deep Wave, and Fusion 3000. ii. Flat Irons & Other Heat Styling Equipment? Do not use on bonded areas. Use equipment on non-bonded areas of Fusion Hair Extensions. iii. Nearly all styling equipment may be used for styling. Caution: some equipment can reach 400 degrees or more. Be sure that you know your equipment specifications before styling. Like your natural hair, Fusion Hair Extensions can be damaged by excess heat. Extreme heat will not only damage the product, but it will damage the client's hair as well.

h. Chemicals i. Relaxer? Fully treat client's hair with relaxer 24 hours before bonding Fusion Hair Extensions. While wearing Fusion Hair Extensions, only perform touch up treatments. Do not apply relaxer to bonded areas. Rinse with face down. ii. Coloring? Thoroughly color the client's hair 24 hours before bonding Fusion Hair Extensions. While wearing Fusion Hair Extensions, only touch up coloring is permissible. Do not apply color on bonded areas. Rinse with face down.

Everyday hair styling products may be used. Hair spray, gel, curly styling aids are discretionary on curly textures such as Body Pony Wave, Loose Deep Wave, and Fusion 3000 to maintain the shape of the original curl.

5. Maintenance

a. Quality and the life of Fusion Hair Extensions also depend on proper washing and maintenance. b. Do not use any hair product on the hair for 48 hours after fusion is completed. c. Advise your clients to use Lord & Cliff shampoo and conditioner. We cannot assure the attachments unless they are maintained according to our directions. d. Your client should return for maintenance twice a month while wearing Fusion Hair Extensions. e. During maintenance, shampoo and condition your client's hair using Fusion Shampoo and Fusion Conditioner. Comb hair out from ends to root. Seat client under a cool/warm dryer until hair is completely dried. Replace any damaged or missing bonds. (If bonds are loose, you can clip it for a few seconds with the Lord & Cliff Fusion Iron and roll the bond with your finger tips to repair.) f. Deposit any color before bonding (avoid coloring bonded sections). Finish dyeing, shampoo, and conditioning 48 hours before attaching Fusion Hair strands. Be sure you use Fusion Shampoo and Fusion Conditioner. Also ensure that any dyed Fusion Hair Extensions are completely dried before bonding on to client's hair.

6. Removing Fusion Hair Extensions

a. Do not use Lord & Cliff fusion hair remover to prevent hair tangling and breakage when removing Fusion Hair Extensions. Sometimes extended hair can become dry and matted.

b. For best results, do one Fusion Hair Extension at a time shaking the remover bottle well. i. Apply remover on each fusion bond and massage thoroughly. ii. Let remover sit for 5-10 minutes. The more the remover stays on the bond the easier it will be to remove. Keep in mind that the remover does not contain damaging ingredients such as alcohol or acetone. iii. Place fusion iron directly under the bond without closing the iron for approximately 5-8 seconds and slide the bond away from the scalp. iv. To remove any residue, apply more removers on the hair, and with the flat part of the fusion iron melt the remaining residue. (Like flat ironing the hair.) v. Repeat step 4 if necessary until hair has no residue.