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ISIS Brown Sugar Soft Swiss 100% Human Hair StyleMix Lace Front Wig BS203


Color Shown :SR27/30/33SR99J


Brown Sugar Soft Swiss Lace is made up of 100% Human Hair Style Mix. Compared to other lace-fronts, Brown Sugar Soft Swiss Lace is single knotted and hand tied sophisticatedly into a hexagonal honeycomb patterned lace structure! Brown Sugar Soft Swiss Lace is skin friendly and designed with a breathable fabric, giving you maximum comfort and no irritation or odors! With skin-friendly material BS 203 is naturally soft in texture & comfortable, making this wig the Best Natural Feel in 100% Human Hair Style Mix Wigs!

Length Front: 12 Top: 13 Crown: 14 Upper Back: 16 Nape: 5 Side: 16 Weight: 6.2 oz Extended Strap: Yes Finished Length: 23