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How Texture SoftenerÈ Works Just For Me!È Texture SoftenerÈ offers moms a new alternative to make hair more manageable.

Texture SoftenerÈ works by mildly loosening curly, coarse or kinky hair while maintaining a youthful, natural-looking texture. Worry-Free Manageability Just For Me!È Texture SoftenerÈ works on a variety of hair textures, loosening curls and kinks.

Worry-Free Manageability of Moms means... « Less hair breakage than natural, untreated hair « Combing and styling take less time and effort « Gentle enough for girls as young as five years old

Worry-Free Manageability of Girls means... « Combing hair is easy and –ouch less” « Enjoying long hair that grows without the breakage from combing* « Getting fun styles is easier