Click to enlargeKeracare Super Reconstructor 8oz

Features KeraCare Super Reconstructor extensively repairs weak, damaged hair due to shedding, breakage and severe cuticle and fiber degradation due to chemical, thermal, mechanical or sun damage. ?Penetrates deep within the cortex to fortify fractured, shredded fibers. ?Forms a fibrillar network around the hair shaft to lock in moisture. «Restores natural porosity to hair. ?Low pH.

Benefits ?Helps increase hair elasticity and strength.

?Improves hairęs condition and restores porosity.

?Moisturizes hair and reduces brittleness.

?Creates shine and enriches the hairęs natural coloration.

?Volumizes hair and produces a soft, silky texture.

Directions Apply to freshly shampooed, towel-blotted hair. Gently comb to distribute. Cover hair with a plastic cap and place patron under a very warm hood dryer for 10 minutes. Cool hair slightly, then rinse thoroughly. DO NOT COMB. Apply KERACARE HUMECTO CREME CONDITIONER and leave on 10 minutes to soften hair. Rinse thoroughly.