Click to enlargeMane Concept Afri-Naptrual 100% Kanekalon Defintion Z 40" Braid


PRE-STRETCHED, PRE-FEATHERED, AND PREPARED FOR EZ BRAIDING Save time and money with Definition EZ™! There’s no need to waste hours stretching this hair out because Definition EZ™ comes pre-layered for your convenience. The pre-feathered and pre-stretched nature of Definition EZ™ is optimal for achieving the most natural look every time in the least amount of time. With this soft, tangle-free braid you can freely manipulate and create a variety of styles. Go for classics like Box Braids and Senegal twists, or get creative and invent your own, one of a kind style! You can even hot water set for curls. Experience Definition EZ™, the EZ Solution to Natural Looking Braids!