Click to enlargeMotions Smooth & Straighten Hair Relaxer 15oz

Motions No-Base Relaxer: Contains a "ationiz" or positively -charged conditioner, that chemically binds to the negatively-charged parts of the hair. Unlike many other relaxers that contain only surface lubricants that wash away, the conditioner is substantive, remaining in the hair to protect it from damage during the relaxer process. Precisely balanced emulsion of conditioners and active ingredients means a smoother , even formula, less likelihood of separation, and dependable consistent results from first use to last. Contains humectants to replace moisture lost during the relaxer process, to help eliminate dryness.

Motions Professional Regular Hair Relaxer Formulated for normal, medium-textured, non-resistant hair, Motions Regular Hair Relaxer conditions as it relaxes.

How This Technology Works No-base formulation contains cationic conditioners that lock onto each hair to protect and hydrate throughout the relaxer process. Why This Formula Is Better Leaves hair looking smooth, silky and luxurious. Formulated for normal, medium-textured, non-resistant hair.