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Model Model Fullcap - Synthetic Halfwig - Carmen

A complete hairstyle that dazzles!

100% Synthetic Hair Elastic banded for a comfortable fitment. Double-Combed for a secure hold. Move with a style! Extra Band Included!


Pat your hair from ear to ear at about 1/2~1 away from your hairline. Insert the comb underneath FullCap from front to back along the parted line, Slide in the back comb along the nape hairline, tucking in you hair underneath. Cover the front parted line by combing your hair over it. Your style is complete! For Ponytail Use:

Pull back your hair and tie it with a rubber band. insert the front and back combs along the hairline. Pull the rubber band to tighten and wrap it around the hairline. You're Complete! Maintenance:

Fill basin with lukewarm water Add a little amount of mild shampoo in cold water Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Add conditioner to reduce tangles Shake out excessive water

Hang until completely dry Brush into desired style after completely dry No settings is necessary as curls will snap back into position when hair is completely dry Do not brush, blow dry, or heat style while wet - will damage fiber Do not use curling irons or other heating appliances

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