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Shedding and Breakage can be eliminated and you can have healthy long beautiful straight hair. Unfortunately, there are no any miracle cures. Beating breakage and shedding is not going to happen overnight, but if you are commited to having hair that you love, you can do it with Shed no More. Shed no More products contains the best available ingredients and special penetrating micro proteins to strenghten, prevent damage, and deeply moisturize. Shed no More keeps promises: If you keep using Shed no More according to directions, and give it a chance, you will see results. You can have and will have hair that you love. Don't believe in miracles, Shed no More works.

What Causes Shedding & Breakage??? It's Simple Really:

Damage: If your hair is damaged it is weak and it will break and shed. Simple as that. What causes damage? Usually relaxers. All relaxers cause some degree of damage, but some much more than others. Dryness: Lack of proper moisture causes dryness which makes hair brittle. Anythign that is dry is brittle and anything that is brittle breaks. If you want to stop breakage and shedding, your hair needs moisture and lots of it. Lifestyle: Stress, poor diet, dehydration and other no-no's show themselves in many ways including weak, unhealthy hair that breaks and sheds. Broken Promises: There are many supposed miracle cures on the market. Cheap ingredients with fancy marketing lead many astray. making quality products that work is not easy or cheap. The wrong products can sometimes do more harm than good.

Shed no More Oil Moisturizing Nutra Sheen Spray 12oz
Shed no More Oil Moisturizing Nutra Sheen Spray 12oz