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Click to enlargeSURGI WAX Cream Extra Gentle for FACE

Extra gentle formula hair remover that creams away facial hair, soothes and calms your skin during treatment.

If you have sensitive facial skin, this is the best product to use to remove unwanted and unsightly facial hair. Surgi Cream is a depilatory, which is a cream hair remover. You simply apply the cream to the area, leave for a few minutes and wipe off. It really is as easy as that and there is no pain. We highly recommend using Kalo hair inhibitor after facial hair removal. Kalo will gradually reduce hair growth and regrowth will appear finer and thinner over time - a great benefit for unsightly facial hairs.

Depilatories like Surgi work to melt the hair just underneath the surface, which means you stay hair free for longer than shaving.

From the makers of Surgi-Cream, the highly effective, extra gentle formula contains Maple Honey to soothe and calm the skin during treatment. Post hair removal hair minimiser helps reduce the rate of hair growth.