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Click to enlargeSURGI WAX Cream REGULAR for FACE

Adieu Facial Hair Say good-bye to your unwanted facial hair. Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Hair Remover for Face helps you remove hair on your face with very less pain. This wax is not only safe, but also soothes the skin. No muslin strip needed. Simply microwave it, stir, apply and remove. It is perfect for the upper lip, chin and brows. Removes unwanted facial hair Easy to use Results are longer than shaving This product is just great for removing all that unwanted facial hair almost painlessly.

Unwanted facial hair will be gone within 15 minutes. Easy to use microwaveable wax will help you remove all that facial hair and ensure you silky smooth results. As a plus, this product also comes with pre- and post-treatment products for a complete facial hair removal experience. On regular use, the hair will become finer and sparser.