Click to enlargeVia Natural Reparative Strenghtening Creme JAR 6oz

Via Natural Strenghting Creme. Via REPARATIVE STRENGTHENING CREME (6 Oz) This easily absorbed creme with its reparative proteins and essential oils and vitamins strengthens each hair strand as it helps repair damage resulting from improper use of haircolor or chemicals and damage from stling tools. Use twice a day for best results.

Creme with VIACEUTICAL HAIR COMPLEX BASE not only contains our growth base but also special reparative proteins, amino acids and vitamins to accelerate growth as well as repair damaged hair. This reparative medicated crme stimulates blood flow to the scalp as it repairs and revitalizes fragile hair strands. The all natural blend of botanicals, essential oils, vitamins, nutrients and conditioners form a protective shield around each shaft. The hair is strengthened and damaged sites repaired. The reconstructive proteins attach themselves to the damaged or weak sites along the hair strand and Aloe Vera and other Essential Oils combat dryness, brittleness and split ends. After the therapeutic treatment, the hair is left healthier and stronger, the scalp is moisturized and hair breakage ceases.

NOTE: Daily use of the Reparative Strengthening Creme stimulates the growth of healthier, longer and stronger hair.