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Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer High lights

1. Truly Natural

2. Promotes fuller and longer hair never before achieved. 3. Provides advanced, long lasting natural moisture by forming barrier or 'shell' against dryness without greasiness or excessive oiliness.

4. Provides advanced long lasting lubrication and unique anti-friction properties without heavy greasiness or oiliness.

5. Cleanly imparts excellent body and shine without heavy greasiness or oiliness.

6. Serves as a hair and scalp deodorant.

7. Stimulates, soothes, and refreshes with a clean natural scent.

8. Deeply nourishes hair and scalp with a light oil presence.

9. Even when used regularly, one bottle of Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer will last at least one month, and often much longer for coarse and dry (African type) hair and 3-8 months for finer (Caucasian type) hair.

10. Reduces and maintains reduction of frizzy, puffy and fly-away hair.

Use instructions for: Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil and Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer.

Please note that regardless of whether you consider yourself African-Black, Caucasian-White, Spanish, Asian, Middle Eastern or other, the best way for you to use it should be decided by the qualities of your hair alone. For instance, if you consider your self non-African and have dry and tangly hair, then the appropriate method of using Wild Growth for you may be in the instructions for 'African Type Hair' ( finer hair will, in any case, use less product). If hair becomes too oily, use less or follow the instructions for non-African type hair. For all hair types, Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer can be used even more sparingly than Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil. For African type hair, also use between Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil applications when hair and scalp start to become dry and when the user determines that it is time for scalp refreshing. For all hair types use Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer just after applying Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil or use alone. Maximum results can be obtained by using both. Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer is applied in the same manner as described in the detailed instructions for Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil. Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer

1. Growth in sparse areas and longer growth

2. Long lasting natural moisturizer

3. Long lasting lubrication/scalp decongestion and unique anti-friction properties

4. Hair breakage control

5.Hair/skin/nail nourishment (light)

6. Hair Repair

7. Hair and scalp deodorant

8. Stimulating, soothing, and refreshing with clean & natural scent. Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer (light oil)

Growth + Moisture/Lubrication ēanti-frictionÍ conditioning and fresh scent :

With itÍs own unique formula and Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil's proprietary nutritional complex, Wild Growth¬ Light Oil Moisturizer when used together with Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil will:

1. provide advanced protection from dryness and friction damage and provide scalp deodorization between Wild Growth¬ Hair Oil applications.

2. not slow down, interfere with, nullify, or dilute Wild Growth¬ Hair OilÍs progressive benefits

3. enhance and add to Wild Growth¬ Hair OilÍs performance benefits.